Enterprise IP Phone

Direct extensions to each other's extensions, and conference calls are held at any time

The Cisco CME IP telephone system has flexible networking and rich services to meet the actual needs of users. The terminal has excellent performance and powerful functions. There is zero cost for long-distance calls within the user; the use of this new technology, network integration, and simplified management model greatly improve the communication efficiency of the enterprise, thereby enhancing the overall market competitiveness of the enterprise.

The technology is mainly adopted by: the head office and branch offices are equipped with a CME voice gateway to achieve decentralized landing, to achieve phone exchange across the company, through VPN private network, all internal phones can be interconnected. All telephones in the head office and branches can communicate with PSTN users through the CME voice gateway. The entire system can also manage the IP telephone system through a dedicated maintenance station and an attendant station to achieve unified network management and business control management functions.

For any enterprise, ordinary telephone exchanges (PBX) for local internal calls can meet the needs. For non-fixed long-distance traffic, if you want to build an IP telephone system yourself, such as IP-PBX, it will be difficult for small and medium enterprises to accept investment. It currently appears that the function of IP phones is to significantly reduce long-distance call costs. Many companies now have their own branches in various places, such as R & D, sales, offices ... In a geographically fixed environment, the use of VOIP gateways to implement IP telephony will have an immediate effect on the savings in call costs.

Enterprise Switchboard

The customer dials the enterprise switchboard number, can quickly connect to the employee extension according to the extension number, and dials out to display the switchboard number externally. After the switchboard is set up, it can realize the transfer and pickup functions, thereby improving the corporate image!

Extensions Dial Each Other

Employees within the company can freely fight each other, regardless of whether they are in the same office location or multiple branches, internal intranet management is implemented, and the switchboard can be displayed uniformly when calling out, which greatly saves corporate communication costs

Call Recording

The recording has high fidelity, high compression, and clear sound. Customers can view the corresponding recording in the call record, support downloading the recording file, and support playing the recording file online