Conference Room Reservation Sy

Implement automatic booking and release functions

It effectively solves the shortcomings of cumbersome and limited time of the traditional conference room reservation system, improves user satisfaction and meets the requirements of portable and efficient office.

By downloading the app, the conference organizer can log in to his or her personal account, select a suitable time, make a reservation according to the availability of the conference room, fill in the conference theme, invite participants, upload the necessary documents for the conference, etc., and send the conference notification in one click. Selected attendees will be able to receive a separate email invitation to the conference and synchronize the information in the organizer's APP calendar for easy trip reminders.

  • Easy Booking

    Book rooms anytime, anywhere through the mobile app, with existing scheduling and calendar platform integration.

  • Meeting Sign-in and Automatic Release

    Enable meeting sign-in in the conference room, and if no sign-in occurs, the conference room will automatically release the unused space.

  • Real-time Display

    Find your meeting space by displaying the location of the meeting room and the status of its availability in real time.

  • Encrypted Data

    A secure all-in-one corporate conference room reservation system that encrypts data transmission.

  • Easy management

    It can be easily managed and maintained through a single device manager application.