VPN Interconnection

Achieve rapid transmission and sharing of multi-point data

The private network in this solution mainly uses secure and mature VPN technologies such as IPsec and SSL to establish the network. It is mainly applied to the private network interworking scenario between multiple branches within the enterprise and the LAN of the head office. For example: IP telephony, monitoring and more internal systems are connected in the employees' remote office.

Headquarters and Branch Private Network Interconnection

Multinational enterprise headquarters and branch dedicated line network interconnection, VPN connects headquarters and branch, so that intranet machines across the Internet can communicate directly.

Convenient Deployment

Engineers come to the site for installation and commissioning, and are quickly put into use without the need for more professional training

Secure Encryption

By connecting to the router via the device's own VPN client, you can communicate directly with the intranet server. The data is encrypted without any security concerns.

Cost Savings

IP telephony saves businesses communication costs and is easily extensible.

Remote Access to Intranet Resources

Connect customers, suppliers, partners or related groups to the corporate intranet through a dedicated connected shared infrastructure. Enterprise employees can use VPN to connect the private network to the internal network of the company, so that employees who travel on the outside can also access the server resources of the enterprise's intranet from different places, improving office efficiency.