Video Conference

With the rapid development of computer network technology, traditional communication methods, such as telephone and fax, cannot achieve face-to-face communication, and gradually cannot meet people's increasing communication needs. The birth of the video conference system is the best choice to support people's long-distance real-time information exchange and collaborative work. The system transmits video and audio information in real time, enabling collaborative members to conduct intuitive and authentic audio and video communication over long distances. On the other hand, the use of multimedia technology to make the video conference system can help users process various information at work, such as screen sharing, file sharing, so as to construct a working space shared by multiple people.

Multi-person cloud video conference software can provide users with free cloud video call tasks that have both HD video conference and mobile web conference functions. Users can use their mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and other business communication methods such as multi-person video and voice calls, screen sharing, and conference appointment management with their work partners.

Rich conference management functions

Moderators can ban themselves, allowing employees to get the resources and information they need. Track who is speaking with the "current speaker" technology, which automatically follows the current speaker.

Improve team productivity

Share documents, presentations, and applications anytime, anywhere, and hold regular meetings with geographically dispersed employees.


Allow invitees to choose to connect to the meeting via phone, integrated audio on their computer, or mobile phone. They can start or join the meeting from a browser, and simply access the Internet to get everything done.

Massive users with large concurrency

Can support hundreds of people online at the same time without stalling, video and sound transmission smoothly.

HD video conference terminal

Support screen sharing, online meeting like face-to-face, synchronous high-fidelity voice transmission, guarantee clear and smooth audio and video interaction.

Multi-platform compatible

It can run on systems and mobile devices on different platforms. As long as there is network support, individual users can choose a mobile phone app or computer PC to facilitate participation at any time.