LED Splicing Screen

Perfect splicing screen structure, HD picture quality

Large screen splicing

Perfect splicing screen structure, 0.8mm bilateral seam, HD picture quality, golden ratio, easy and convenient installation. Customized to different sizes, features, styles, installation methods, applications and subdivided into several series. Cooperation with domestic and foreign well-known brands to provide high quality splicing screen to present ultra-high definition picture.

Projection mosaic fusion system

Integrate multiple projection devices for seamless docking, display larger screen size, increase resolution, display more image details, more diversified presentation methods, and functional components are optimized according to various industries. User operation is simpler and more convenient.

After the projection uses edge fusion technology, it can be used in command and monitoring centers, network management centers, video conferences, academic reports, technical lectures and multi-functional conference rooms. It is mainly suitable for large-screen, multi-color, high-brightness, high-resolution and other specific needs Oversized place. Fusion of large screens at the edges of large-scale exhibitions

Focus on Splicing Screens

Build a safe and reliable high-performance splicing system to form an intelligent splicing screen environment

Complete Splice Screen Structure

HD quality, golden ratio, place customization

Perfect Fusion

Make the splicing screen blend together perfectly

Color Enhancement

Multiple image quality technologies for color enhancement

Display larger screen size

Guaranteed picture perfection and color consistency

Increase resolution to show more image details

Bright and beautiful pictures will bring people extraordinary visual impact

Solve multiple projection fusions

Fusion multiple projection devices for seamless docking